If it’s Evinrude, it’s E-TEC.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a 40 hp or a 250 hp or anything in between. Your hardest decision? Deciding blue or white. All engines run in saltwater and fresh water. They are composed of the same incredible technology, and the same industry-leading performance. For years, there’s been a noise about four-stroke being better than two-stroke. Cleaner, more reliable, more efficient, they say, Even faster, if you can believe that. Well let’s set the record straight. And the math. There’s a two-stroke out there that’s better than any four stroke in every comparison that matters. Speed, Fuel economy, Reliability, Weight, Even emissions. The Evinrude E-TEC. It’s time to learn some new math. It’s time to see how two is greater than four. It’s time you got it.

Power & Performance

Evinrude E-TEC outboards kick any four stroke’s butt. Any way you want to do the kicking. Acceleration, top-end speed, any size, any horsepower, across the line. No four-stroke can touch the power-to-weight ratio. No four-stroke comes close to the pure power and torque of the basic two-stroke technology. Two is greater than four. There’s no other way to do the math.


Fewer parts. Fewer problems. Every Evinrude E-TEC component is tested and retested for maximum performance and longer life. Parts are bigger and stronger to work harder and last longer. With our S.A.F.E system you could even run five hours without oil, if you had to.

Easy To Own & Operate

With an Evinrude E-TEC, there’s no more time wasted in the shop. You’ve got no scheduled dealer maintenance for the first three years or 300 hours. Zero. Of course, zero oil changes, too. No break-in period. And about 200 fewer parts than a four-stroke, which means 200 fewer parts to wear out. When it comes to maintenance, less is more.

Clean & Quiet

You don’t even have to think about emissions. Anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world. We’ve even got 3-Star certification from the toughest of the tough – the California Air Resources Board. And thanks to the sophisticated, acoustically tuned air intake and exhaust systems, you won’t be filling the air with a lot of noise either.


Evinrude E-TEC outboards use boron-nitrite honed cylinder bores the work to decrease wear, giving you consistent hole shots and better torque and horsepower across the entire power curve. 22% more than Yamaha, as shown in the chart. Four-strokes start out in a hole. It’s their weight problem. The extra parts and pieces they carry around are the basic shortcomings of their power cycle. With the E-TEC technology, the Engine Management Module (EMM) makes up to eight million calculations per second, And delivers precisely the right amount of fuel needed directly into the combustion chamber for incredibly smooth, fast response and low fuel consumption. And the E-Start system ensures easy starts every time. No choking, No priming, No swearing.